Snake River Headwaters Initiative


In April of 2016, Jackson Hole Trout Unlimited helped launch the Trout Unlimited Snake River Headwaters Home Rivers Initiative - an ambitious effort to leverage TU's long history of successful conservation work in the Jackson Hole area and increase our capacity to complete restoration and reconnection work on an even larger scale.


The Snake River Headwaters HRI seeks to restore and protect the headwaters of the upper Snake River and its fishery, together with a diverse group of community and agency partners. The HRI will build on the capacity of our active Jackson Hole Trout Unlimited chapter and engaged membership in and around Jackson Hole by developing and implementing high-priority restoration projects to benefit native trout and their habitats.


The JHTU chapter is especially grateful for the support of the many local businesses, guides, outfitters, individuals and lodges, both here and internationally, that have enabled us to partner with Trout Unlimited to expand our coldwater fisheries work in Jackson Hole through the HRI. "In all my years at Trout Unlimited, I have never seen a chapter step up to protect their home waters like JHTU is doing," said Chris Wood, President and CEO of Trout Unlimited. "JHTU is setting a model of collaboration and leadership that will guarantee that our children will be able to fish for robust populations of wild and native fish in the Headwaters of the Snake."


Leslie Steen, NW Wyoming Program Director, is leading this effort. Steen has lived in Jackson Hole since 2007 and in the Greater Yellowstone Area for more than 15 years. She brings to her new role at TU a diverse skill set and professional experience in fisheries, nonprofits, partnerships, outreach and education, including service on the JHTU board.


Snake River Headwaters Project Information:

Please visit our Snake River Headwaters Initiative webpage and TU's project microsite for more in-depth descriptions and photos or contact Leslie Steen, NW Wyoming Program Director.


Snake River Headwaters Advisory Board:

The Snake River Headwaters Advisory Board is a group of influential anglers and conservationists committed to the future of cold, clean, fishable water in the Snake River headwaters. Advisory board members help to advance the goals of the Snake River Headwaters Initiative by inspiring a culture of philanthropy, engagement and awareness around coldwater fisheries conservation needs in Jackson Hole. The advisory board complements the already successful efforts of the local Jackson Hole TU chapter board by working with TU staff to identify new prospects and opportunities.


Bill Egan, Chair

Alex Maher

Clay Moorhead

Phoebe Muzzy

Ed Opler

Bob Paulson

Bob Strawbridge

Tote Turner

Bill Waterman

Missy Whelan

Rick Will

Kirk Wortman