Is Your Lawn Trout Friendly? Landscape Certification April 28th!

The snow is melting in town, and grass is starting to grow! It's the perfect time to ask: "Is my lawn 'Trout Friendly'"? JHTU is actively involved with the Jackson Hole Clean Water Coalition's Trout Friendly Lawns Program, and encourages you to get certified in 2020 through one of the methods we outline below!

Why Trout Friendly?
Nutrient pollution from lawn care practices, such as fertilizing and overwatering, are impacting our waterways. Excess nutrients can lead to increased algae and aquatic plant growth, which can harm aquatic habitats and disrupt the ecosystem. The Trout Friendly Lawns program is designed to be easy for both residents and landscaping professionals to implement. By committing to Trout Friendly landscaping practices, we can collectively improve water quality for the health of all the plants, insects, fish, wildlife, and humans that rely on clean water.

Certification Program for Homeowners
Join over 100 residents, businesses, and public parks in committing to Trout Friendly landscaping practices - and be eligible to proudly display one of these beautiful Snake River cutthroat signs created by local artists Abby Paffrath and Ben Roth. You can certify your lawn at the "Basic" or "Gold" level at The common-sense lawn care practices are to: 1) Limit fertilization; 2) Be water wise; 3) Plant natives and maintain streamside buffers. 4) Use herbicides and pesticides appropriately.

NEW! Certification Program for Landscapers and Businesses - Tuesday, April 28th
The new Trout Friendly Landscaper & Business Partner Program is designed to help lawn care and landscaping professionals meet the growing demand for Trout Friendly services, promote Trout Friendly businesses, and certify more Trout Friendly lawns in the community. If you (or your HOA) currently work with a landscaping company, or if you know landscapers in the community, please encourage them to attend the JH Clean Water Coalition's FREE ONLINE Trout Friendly Landscaper & Business Certification workshop,Tuesday, April 28, 2020, 8:30 - 10:30 a.m. Pre-registration is required.