Adopt-a-Trout Program & Education


The Jackson Hole Chapter proudly supports the Adopt-a-Trout program in Wyoming, a program that creates the next generation of conservationists and fisheries stewards by giving students an opportunity to get involved with ongoing fisheries science happening in our local watersheds.


The Adopt-a-Trout program was launched in 2007 in Jackson, and has grown to include other school districts across the state. At the heart of each Adopt-a-Trout program is a fisheries movement study, and to maximize the science value of each program, TU works directly with fisheries biologists from agency partners to design a program that will apply student-collected data toward pressing fisheries management questions.


The Jackson program works with all 200 Jackson Hole Middle School 7th grade students to collect fisheries data from the local watershed. Students participate in activities out in the field including radio telemetry equipment usage, observing telemetry tags implanted in fish through surgeries, stream water quality monitoring, macroinvertebrate sampling, and exploring and mapping the food web of the ecosystem. Over the course of the school year, students "adopt" and follow the movements of the study fish as well as receive follow-up fisheries-based curriculum in the classroom.


This year's study focuses on the Hoback River watershed. We are grateful to the Wyoming Game & Fish Department, Teton Conservation District, Teton County School District, Teton County Weed & Pest, Community Foundation of Jackson Hole, and volunteers for their support of this program.

Here are a few photos from the 2014/2015 program.