JHTU Flat Creek "Social-Distanced" Spring Cleanup - May 16th and 17th!

Join JHTU for a "socially-distanced" spring cleanup of Flat Creek - this Saturday and Sunday, May 16th and 17th! 

We are following TU's pandemic safety protocols for chapters and chapter events, and so instead of hosting our group spring cleanup of Flat Creek along Karns Meadow as in years past, we are asking JHTU members and their families to help clean up Flat Creek on their own time this weekend. In addition, we are expanding the cleanup area to Flat Creek north of Broadway to Dairy Queen.  

Here are the details:

  • Date: Saturday, May 16th and Sunday, May 17th
  • Time: On your own time
  • Cleanup area: Flat Creek from Karns Meadow to Dairy Queen
  • Social distancing: Please follow social distancing protocols and only pick up trash in a group if you are with your family or household unit
  • Supplies: Orange trash bags from the Rotary Club will be available outside the Orvis JH store, 485 West Broadway, throughout the weekend
  • Dumping trash: Please either 1) take your trash haul to your home and dispose of it in your own dumpster (preferred) or 2) dump your trash in the dumpster behind the Orvis JH store 
  • Photos and FREE flies: We would love to see photos of your trash haul and crew! Please post your photo on social media and tag the Jackson Hole TU and Orvis JH Facebook pages, and JHTU board member / Orvis manager Maggie Heumann will send you an e-certificate for free flies! (Alternatively, you can Facebook messenger or email us your photos).
  • Email leslie.steen@tu.org if you have questions