Join us in Conserving, Protecting, and Restoring Cold, Clean, Fishable Water Through Old Bill's Fun Run!

Cold. Clean. Fishable. In a normal year, it can be easy to take these conditions for granted in our home waters, because most of our trout streams are all of the above. But this summer’s spooky low flows, warm stream temperatures, drained reservoirs, and “hoot owl” fishing recommendations have been a wakeup call that we can’t take the health of our watersheds and native Snake River cutthroat trout populations for granted. In years like this, our native trout must seek cooler temperatures in mountain tributaries, shaded habitat, and areas with groundwater inputs to survive and weather the (lack of) storms. They are also more vulnerable to predators, angling stress, and low instream flows from water use. 

This is why Jackson Hole Trout Unlimited is committed to our conservation strategy in the Snake River Headwaters, which reconnects migratory corridors and restores habitat for cutthroat trout. Through 7 active, on-the-ground projects, like our work to guarantee connectivity in the Spread Creek watershed (scheduled for completion this fall), we help to build resiliency for trout in stressful times. Because if we can’t count on cold, clean, fishable water here – in one of the last, best places for native cutthroat trout – what will it mean for future generations of trout and people in Jackson Hole?

Please consider a gift to the Trout Unlimited - Jackson Hole Chapter  through Old Bill’s Fun Run to support our efforts to help native trout survive an uncertain future of drought, floods, warmer water, and wildfires. Please also consider an additional gift to the Jackson Hole Clean Water Coalition to support our collaboration with a suite of partners to address community-wide water quality issues through programs like Trout Friendly Lawns. For more information, visit

the JHTU board


Tote Turner, President
Scott Weaver, Vice President
Mark Heineken, Treasurer
Kathleen Belk Doffermyre, Secretary
Jay Buchner, Emeritus
Howard Cole
Abby Paffrath Czesnakowicz
Maggie Heumann
Diana Sweet Miller
Jr. Rodriguez
Jimbo Rooks
Rick Will