Support Our Local Fisheries Through Old Bill's Fun Run

Resiliency. Persistence. Gratitude. This Old Bill’s season, we would like to highlight the recent completion of Phase 2 of the Spread Creek Fish Passage Project. In 2010, TU and partners embarked on a conservation journey to re-establish ecological resiliency for native cutthroat trout in this freestone Snake River tributary, beginning with the removal the Spread Creek dam. We continued working with partners over the next decade to identify remaining impediments to fish passage, and stabilization measures needed to protect irrigation infrastructure and stream banks from extreme flood events. We worked through numerous funding and supply chain challenges to successfully complete the second phase of the project in 2022. We are thrilled to share that a new fish screen is now in place that prevents native fish from becoming trapped in the Spread Creek irrigation ditches as they migrate towards the Snake River. Watch the newly-released film that celebrates the project and partners! We are incredibly grateful to our 20+ partners on this project and to all those that have supported our conservation work through Old Bill’s Fun Run.

Your donations through Old Bill’s Fun Run enable us to provide crucial seed and gap funding for projects like Spread Creek and leverage grant funding (typically at a ratio of 10:1 or better) to bring them to completion. As we look to the future, Jackson Hole Trout Unlimited continues to be committed to our conservation strategy in the Snake River Headwaters, with 9 projects in our pipeline that will reconnect migratory corridors and restore habitat for our native cutthroat trout. Please consider a gift to Trout Unlimited – Jackson Hole to help us build on our portfolio of priority projects and bring them to completion. Please also consider an additional gift to the Jackson Hole Clean Water Coalition to support our collaboration with a suite of partners to address community-wide water quality issues through programs like Trout Friendly Lawns.

the JHTU board

Tote Turner, President
Scott Weaver, Vice President
Mark Heineken, Treasurer
Kathleen Belk Doffermyre, Secretary
Jay Buchner, Emeritus
Howard Cole
Abby Paffrath Czesnakowicz
Diana Sweet Miller
Jr. Rodriguez
Jimbo Rooks
Rick Will