Edmiston Spring Project

Jackson Hole Trout Unlimited partnered with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, Friends of Fish Creek, Teton Conservation District, Wilson landowners, and community stakeholders to improve conditions in Edmiston Spring for Snake River cutthroat trout. Edmiston Spring is a tributary to Fish Creek that runs through the heart of Wilson.


Increased sedimentation and changes in stream dynamics have degraded instream fish habitat as demonstrated by increased width-to-depth ratios and aquatic vegetation densities. The Edmiston Spring Channel Enhancement Project sought to improve stream stability, pattern, and profile, as well as increase the quality of habitat available for Snake River cutthroat trout, with an emphasis on juvenile life stages. 


Project goals were as follows:

  1. Increase habitat for Snake River cutthroat trout;
  2. Optimize fish habitat in late winter flow conditions;
  3. Promote and maintain existing wetland and riparian habitat.


Funding committed by JHTU and FOFC toward the design phase of the project was leveraged to garner grant funding from the Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resources Trust, Wyoming Game and Fish Department's Habitat Trust Fund, the Teton Conservation District, and Orvis Jackson Hole. The construction and implementation phase of the project began in fall 2015 and was completed in spring 2016. Community volunteers coordinated by JHTU and the Snake River Fund helped with this effort during a volunteer day in October 2015.


Improving habitat and water quality throughout the Fish Creek drainage has a clear public benefit and has become a priority for stakeholders in our community including state agencies, nonprofit organizations, landowners, outdoor enthusiasts, and anglers. In addition to the fisheries enhancements currently underway on Edmiston Spring, project partners seek to gain a better understanding of water quality issues on the stream and identify potential collaborative solutions.

For more information, read the EdmistonSpringPressRelease_101715.pdf. For a copy of the Edmiston Spring Watershed Plan, please contact us.